Tikiri Holiday Gift Guide 2021: How to pick the right gift for babies & toddlers!

Whether you are an aunt or uncle, grandparent, friend of the parents, or sometimes even a first-time parent picking the perfect toy for babies and toddlers can be a challenge. When do they need teethers? Are plush toys safe for all ages? There’s so much to consider, especially when you want to pick something special for the holidays. Here’s a simple and handy guide to
help you along.

Most of our toys are for all ages including newborns as we use 100% natural material. We have categorized according to age just to help you choose something that is most suitable for the specific developments of each age group.

Gifts for 1 to 4 Month Old Babies

It may seem like all babies do at this stage is sleep, eat and poop, but even at this stage babies are developing their cognitive skills and sensory awareness. Easy grip, safe toys that provide the right stimuli can have a strong impact on long-term development.

Rattles are a great place to start.

Rattles are more than just a source of entertainment; they are crucial to cognitive development and can have a big impact on a baby's learning. The combination of the sound and the creation of the sound with movement starts tapping into a baby’s curiosity, they also help with learning to grip and other motor skills.

Here are a few rattles to check out:

Midnight Dragon Organic Rubber Baby Teether & Rattle.

This is an all-time favorite of Tikiri customers and there is a good reason it has won the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award in 2021. The combination of the dragon-shaped rattle, along with the plush wings that make a crinkly sound really does push all the developmental stimuli buttons. More than that – let’s be honest dragons are a cool gift that little ones can later grow up to use
for more imaginative play as well.

Giraffe - Organic Natural Rubber Rattle

Not your traditional take on a rattle, Giraffe is part of a whole series of Safari animal-themed rattles that we designed to also introduce kids to real animals. We think he’s a great starter gift and hopefully, you can add a few more safari friends to the collection down the line.

Havah the Bunny - Soft Rattle with Organic rubber head

This more traditionally designed rattle combines a plush ring that is easy to grip with a rubber bunny ‘Havah’ head, continuing to deliver textures that will engage a baby’s curiosity. Havah is also super cute.


Comforters are ideal for little infants that have trouble falling asleep. Repeatedly introducing comforters at sleep times helps form a pattern of behavior and a new ‘sleep association’ encouraging them to soothe themselves back to sleep independently.

Here are a few comforters to check out:

Meiya the Mouse - Lovey with Organic Natural Rubber Head

Meiya is one of our most popular characters and this plush version with the rubber head is a great choice for soothing.

Gemba the Frog - Baby Comforter

This adorable double-sided comforter with the rubber-headed ‘Gemba’ or frog is made of soft organic materials. The rubber head adds new levels of fun for little ones and can also transition well to teething times.

Gifts for 4 to 10 Month Old Babies

This is the time when babies are getting a lot more active and engaged with the world around them, they can grab toys, and rollover and significantly for parents – they also start teething. So yes, teethers are a great gift for both babies and their parents, Tikiri’s teethers made of soft natural rubber are an ideal safe and soothing choice. Apart from that we highly recommend bath toys because bath time will be a favorite of most babies this age.

Top Pick

Lilith the Llama- Organic Bath Toy/Teether/ Rattle combination

Given the Hot Diggity seal of approval, Lilith the Llama is a great example of the care and attention that goes into creating toys that always add value to our most important little customers. A combination bath toy, teether, and rattle; Lilith offers so much value for little ones. We may be biased but we also think she is absolutely adorable.


Here are a few teethers to check out:

Alvin the Elephant - Organic Natural Rubber Teether

Alvin is one of our best-selling characters and this teether delivers in so many ways, from the easy-grip belly to the soft chewable ears, all in the guise of an adorable elephant.

Havah the Bunny - Organic Natural Rubber Teether

Meiya’s & Alvin’s friend, Havah is another super cute option from our collection of character-based teethers, each created for easy grip and maximum comfort.

Bath Toys

Here are a few bath toys to check out:

Hippo - Organic Natural Rubber Bath Toy

Hippo is part of a collection of Safari themed animals that are perfect for bath time play and learning. Fully sealed there is no risk of water retention and made with organic rubber it is super safe for little ones.

Gifts for 10 to 18 Months Old Babies

The perfect age to pique their imagination, we highly recommend books and toys that engage their imagination. It's also a great time to choose collections that can create an appreciation for animals, which we at Tikiri feel is vital for future generations.

Meiya & Alvin Story Books

Meiya & Alvin are best friends going on many adventures together joined along the way by their wonderful collection of friends. These lovely, illustrated books are a great starter to get kids interested in reading.

Tikiri Ocean Buddies

These adorable toys are a great way to teach toddlers about sea animals and build their interest in nature, while also being a great bath, beach, or pool toy promising tons of fun playtime.

Shining Stars Unicorn

We love gifts that sprinkle a little bit of magic and wonder into little ones’ lives, and Shining Stars Unicorn is an ideal transition toy with all the sensory elements that babies need while also being a magical choice for little girls and boys.

Gifts for 18+ Months Old Babies

Bonikka Dolls

With Bonikka we focused on that special tradition of giving dolls and brought back the ‘rag dolls’ that many of us, and maybe you knew from your childhood. More importantly, we are continuing to strive to create dolls that promote inclusivity for little ones of all races and all genders. You really can’t go wrong with a doll.

Baby Aria (Organic)

There’s a reason Aria is one of our best sellers and won a coveted Mom’s Choice Award, she is soft & cuddly, and super cute. Quite apart from the cute factor, giving kids baby dolls helps build their sense of caring and engagement with the world. Aria is also specially designed as an empathy doll, having a soothing and calming effect on little ones with anxiety, sleep issues, or other stresses.

Angelina Fairy Doll

Angelina is a perfect fairy doll to make the holidays a little more magical. She comes in a lovely dress, complete with sparkly silver wings and matching boots.


Perfect for stylish little ones, Kessie comes with two dresses and her hair can be styled in many ways providing lots of engaging fun for the recipient of this gift.

Riley Holiday Doll

A holiday gifting list would of course not be complete without Riley our Holiday Doll. Her cute festive dress can be changed out as well – so you can keep this dress especially for the season.

We hope this list helped you get some insight into what to gift this holiday season, and maybe beyond. If you do have any questions or clarifications, we would love to help so drop us a message anytime. Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays!