Bonikka Dolls

46 results
Baby Kaia - Organic Doll
Baby Aria - Organic Baby Doll
Summer  - Brunette Hair with Orange Floral Dress
Rose - Organic Doll With Brown Hair
Katy - Dark Brown Hair with Pink & Sea Green Dress
Available Soon
Peggy - Blonde Hair with Lilac & Pink Dress
Pari - Brown Hair with Blue & Purple Dress
Scarlet - Beige Hair with Pink Floral Dress
Leota - Black Hair with Purple Dress
Baby  Kye -  Organic Doll
Joe- Boy Doll in Dungaree and Cap
Brook - Brown Hair With Pink Dress
Fran - Light Brown Hair With Dark Pink & Green Dress
Ria - Blonde Hair with Pink & White Dress
Jasper - Boy Doll in Blue Short
Lily - Organic Doll
Lilac - Black Hair With Blue Floral Dress - Tikiri Toys
Pia - Lt. Brown Hair in Peach & Blue Dress
Luca the Fox
Luca the Fox
Mandy - With Friendship Bracelet in Muslin Dress
Cecilia - Dark Brown Hair in Cream Linen Dress With Display Box
Priscy Blonde Haired Doll in White Linen Dress with Display Box
Amelia Lt. Brown Hair Doll in Pink Linen Dress with Display Box
Lil'l Katy - Dk Brown hair with pink & sea green dress
Lil'l Peggy - Blond Hair With Lilac &  Pink Dress
Available Soon
Bellamy the Cat in Maroon Outfit
Honey - Brown Hair With Mint Green Dress
Emmy Lu - Orange Hair in Pink Print Dress
Neva-Blonde Hair With Grey Checkered Dress All Natural Fabrics
Tammy Lu -  Black Hair in Blue Print Dress
Libby Lu - Brown Hair in Orange Print Dress
Lola- Brown Hair in Maroon Dress
Available Soon
Marcella the Bunny in Ballerina Tulle Netting Pink Dress
Madison - Girl Doll
Available Soon
Rosemary - Blonde Hair in Flower Print Dress
46 results